GTA IV San Andreas beta-3

Import mod of Grand Theft Auto open world, crime spree title

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GTA IV San Andreas beta-3
GTA IV San Andreas 0.3.1 Beta 3

Looking for a fun, new import mod for GTA IV? GTA IV San Andreas aims to redesign the entire city of San Andreas with the better engine called Rage. It was built into IV's Liberty City, and for those who love the Grand Theft Auto series, it's a must-have. When you love everything about Grand Theft Auto IV, you should get a kick out of GTA IV San Andreas because the graphics sharpen and look more realistic. It works from the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE).

Currently, the only game among Rockstar Games to use this engine is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Before you can get the game to work, however, you will first need to install Grand Theft Auto on your PC. Once you've done that, you can install the game like most of the other programs.

Working from Beta

The new download sounds promising, but it remains in the beta stages. That means you will get access to some of the latest and most advanced features, but the company continues to improve their system. Some of what you might encounter in beta includes:

  • HD graphics
  • HD sound
  • Advanced replay
  • Improved physics

Beta also has a higher likelihood of crashing. From time to time, GTA IV San Andreas crashes, and the developers included a FAQ with a text file in the event it does happen. The stability issues of the game will most often relate to saved games or the GTA IV San Andreas mod clashing with the other installed mods on the system.

What's New?

Some of the newest additions to expect with this mod include three new radio stations. For example, you have Flashback FM, Lips 106 and Head Radio. With this mod, you have a Portland only gameplay. For example, you can only view Staunton through the LODs. Other new features you can expect include multiplayer, gang wars, races and an improved map and vehicles. This is the third new beta, and you have plenty of cool new stuff to check out.

Not without Its Problems

As a gamer of this, you might encounter how the mod stays stuck at the GTA IV: San Andreas load screen in an infinite loop. Luckily, developers have released a hotfix for it, and they learned corrupted vehicles caused the bug. However, if you want the original GTA IV vehicles, you can restore it with a fresh install of GTA IV. Overall, this is a great patch if you're a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, and it will deepen your overall experience of the gameplay.


  • Everything Grand Theft Auto fans love.
  • It's a more immersive environment than ever before.
  • Get access to the latest updates through the beta version.
  • Tons of new content and a captivating story.


  • Tons of bugs interfere with the gameplay.
  • The infinite load screen is annoying.

The much beloved installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, San Andreas, is now back and remastered, this time with updated graphics!

Using the engine from Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA IV: San Andreas is rebuilt using the Rage Engine that powered Liberty City. If you loved the earlier installments, and you wondered what the game would look like with a few tweaks and modifications, then this mod will be extremely exciting news!

This isn't just a mod that re-skins GTA IV. Instead, it is a totally rebuilt version of San Andreas. All of your favorite missions are still there, the banter is still just as funny and endearing and there are still hours of fun to be had. However, the game play is exponentially smoother. Think of it as a remastered, high-definition version of your favorite game. In addition, the physics engine is now much better than it was before, as it employs the same one used for GTA IV. You can also capture your favorite moments in-game and watch them over and over using the replay feature.

The Good

1. The mod changes the feel of the game. With new graphics, sound, and enhanced features, it is the same San Andreas experience, just better than ever before.

2. Unlike most mods, this one is fairly easy to install. With just a few clicks of a button, you will be well on your way to downloading and playing San Andreas all over again.

3. The mod offers enhanced gameplay not previously found in San Andreas, making some of the fabled missions much easier than they were originally!

The Bad

1. The file is pretty large. Downloading it can take quite some time, especially if you have a slower Internet connection. Consider downloading it at night when you aren't going to be using the internet to save time. You can play it when you wake up in the morning!

2. The mod is still in beta, so it's not fully-fledged yet. There are occasional issues with crashing that you have to worry about. If any of these instances occur, take note of when and where it happened and report it to the developers. This way, you can help make the mod more functional.

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